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Come experience pleasure  as never before. 

Be between the virtual and the real world. You’ll crave for more!

Playdoll & Ohmydoll @ The Meta SPA VR

Playdoll Experience is provided exclusively at Meta SPA VR Locations across Canada.

The Next Generation of Sensual Experiences

We are the only adult (18+) playroom in Canada including a variety of proprietary sensual and sexual experiences. Think about this place where technology meets sexuality. Meta SPA VR premises (Ohmydoll & Playdoll) is a place of art, sensuality, sexuality and above all, technology. We offer experiences that include virtual reality technology propulsed by The Flow Technology from Brain Waves XR (Brainwavesxr.com) to immerse you in worlds of pleasure. The Playdoll experience will make you discover different worlds. It might feel like you’re in a science fiction story but that is not the case. Virtually, the power of our VR technology with the girls will stimulate you and amplify your feelings. Physically, your Playdoll will accentuate your senses by meticulously touching you in the right spots with perfect timing stimulating your feelings and your belief of being in between two worlds. It will make any of your sexual fantaisies and positions possible. Like the movie The Matrix creating your own sexual dreams. By appointment only / No walk-Ins 

By appointment only / No walk-Ins

  To make a reservation, please text our customer service center @ 825-888-0051. In your message, indicate if you are interested in booking the Playdoll (Playdoll.ca) or the Ohmydoll (Ohmydoll.ca) experience or both at the same time. which are both offered under the same roof at Meta SPA VR locations.  Our customer service center also provides bookings through our Ohmydoll.ca partner. By specifying it we are able to give you the best service! 

Do you want to explore the high-end and most exclusive sexual experience ?

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1) We have successfully created experiences based on both the virtual and the physical worlds of sensations. Sometimes those worlds complete each other and sometimes they diverge or they converge. Your Most sexy Experience is now here !

2) Many of our experiences are created with the intention of getting you a maximum pleasure with the Playdoll in the room, who is performing on your body. During the experience, you touch the Playdoll during the session while always wearing the VR headset. Not seeing your Playdoll performing is part of the experience. The central part of the experience is the amazing VR provided using the Virtual Reality Flow Technology from Brain Waves XR.

3)  Please note that the Playdoll™ Experience (including our immersive VR technology) is only offered in our locations. 

It’s not just an experience ! It’s the most surreal experience of your lifetime !!

What's UNIQUE about our VR ?

A unique partnership with Brain Waves XR (Brainwavesxr.com) that enables both Playdoll and Ohmydoll brands to enjoy the power of The Flow technology which changes the way you feel during your VR interactions as well as how your body interacts to the warm body of the Playdoll. The VR versions are tested and content choosen with perfection! 

That’s not all …

   Besides the technological aspect of the experience, a long term work was done to obtain the knowledge about how to develop more exciting experiences than anything else that exists out there… we were also focused on making a discovery about something that doesn’t imply a complete sex intercourse. The sequence of movements practiced by Playdoll(s) on your body varies according to each of the  packages. The artistic presence of the Playdoll is intended to enhance your level of hormones… you will get your money’s worth with our copyrighted experiences and technology. 

         It’s not just for men …

  Here at PlayDoll we value gender equality and we encourage women to explore and discover their sexuality, after all, sexual pleasure is for everyone! With that in mind, we offer exclusive experiences for women to discover in a new way their bodies and their sexuality. We offer packages for all the ladies out there including heterosexual, one on one experiences, lesbian and orgies. Come on try something new for yourself! You may also find your pleasure with the Fully Sex-Tech experience provided by our beloved brand partner: ohmydoll  (Ohmydoll.ca).  Both brands are located under the same roof (Meta SPA VR), so you choose the brand you want to try! We’re proud to empower women to be happy with their bodies. We say it and we mean it!  

Experiences & Rates

   We are confident to say that if you are not satisfied, we will completely reimburse you the amenities fees. That’s how much we are confident about our experiences.

 It’s not about revolutionizing an industry…there’s more to

 Our vision

Creating a competitive technology based on sexual experiences that provides the right alternative to men and women for fulfilling their sexual desires. We provide a safe way that fits your needs while being fully compliant with the law 

After the success of the Ohmydoll Experience (ohmydoll.ca)

comes the Playdoll™ Experience! (with the REAL touch)

After a successful testing in Montreal, we decided to create a single location for our two favourite brands (Ohmydoll and Playdoll). The new combined locations are now known as Meta SPA VR. Meta SPA VR Edmonton location is brand new, modern and your welcoming space for the most amazing sexual tech experience …

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